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  • 59. Suppressing Nanoparticle-Mononuclear Phagocyte System Interactions of Two-Dimensional Gold Nanorings for Improved Tumor Accumulation and Photothermal Ablation of Tumors.
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  • 58. A colorimetric sensor based on citrate-stabilized AuNPs for rapid pesticide residue detection of terbuthylazine and dimethoate.
    N. Chen, H. Liu, Y. Zhang, Z. Zhou, W. Fan, G. Yu, Z. Shen,* A. Wu,*
  • 57. Rational Design of Branched Nanoporous Gold Nanoshells with Enhanced Physico-Optical Properties for Optical Imaging and Cancer Therapy.
    J. Song, X. Yang, Z. Yang, L. Lin, Y. Liu, Z. Zhou, Z. Shen, G. Yu, Y. Dai, O. Jacobson, J. Munasinghe, B. C. Yung, G.-J. Teng,* X. Chen,*
  • 55. Fabrication of a Targeted Drug Delivery System from a Pillar[5]arene-Based Supramolecular Diblock Copolymeric Amphiphile for Effective Cancer Therapy
    G. Yu, W. Yu, L. Shao, Z. Zhang, X. Chi, Z. Mao, C. Gao, F. Huang,*
  • 54. A Pillar[5]arene-Based [2]Rotaxane Lights up Mitochondria.
    G. Yu, D. Wu, Y. Li, Z. Zhang, L. Shao, J. Zhou, Q. Hu, G. Tang, F. Huang,*
  • 53. Cationic pillar[6]arene/ATP host−guest recognition: selectivity, inhibitation of ATP hydrolysis, and application in multidrug resistance treatment.
    G. Yu,# J. Zhou,# J. Shen, G. Tang, F. Huang,*
  • 52. A tetraphenylethene-based highly emissive metallacage as a component of theranostic supramolecular nanoparticles..
    G. Yu, T. R. Cook, Y. Li, X. Yan, D. Wu, L. Shao, J. Shen, G. Tang, F. Huang,* X. Chen,* P. J. Stang,*
  • 51. Porphyrin-Based Discrete Organoplatinum(II) Metallacage: HostGuest Complexation and Its Application in Tuning Liquid-Crystalline Behaviour.
    G. Yu,* Y. Ye, Z. Tong,* Z. Li, B. Hua, L. Shao, S. Li*
  • 50. Pillar[5]arene-based amphiphilic supramolecular brush copolymer: fabrication, controllable self-assembly and application in self-imaging targeted drug delivery.
    G. Yu,# R. Zhao,# D. Wu,# F. Zhang, L. Shao, J. Zhou, J. Yang, G. Tang, X. Chen,* F. Huang,*
  • 49. A Boron Difluoride Dye with Aggregation-Induced Emission Feature and Highly Sensitive to Intra- and Extra-Cellular pH Changes.
    D. Wu, L. Shao, Y. Li, Q. Hu, F. Huang, G. Yu,* G. Tang,*
  • 48. The synthesis, structure, and molecular recognition properties of a [2]calix[1]biphenyl-type hybrid[3]arene
    J. Zhou, J. Yang, B. Hua, L. Shao, Z. Zhang, G. Yu,*
  • 47. A diols-responsive triple-component supra-amphiphile constructed from pillar [5] arene-based recognition.
    B. Hua, L. Shao, J. Zhou, G. Yu,*
  • 46. A water-soluble hybrid[4]arene: synthesis, host–guest complexation and application in construction of a supra-amphiphile.
    B. Hua, L. Shao, J. Zhou, G. Yu,*
  • 45. Construction of pillar[6]arene-based CO2 and UV dual-responsive supra-amphiphile and application in controlled self-assembly.
    J. Yang,* L. Shao, G. Yu,*
  • 44. Host–guest interaction enhanced aggregation-induced emission and its application in cell imaging.
    J. Zhou, B. Hua, L. Shao, H. Feng, G. Yu,*
  • 43. Construction of a photo-responsive supra-amphiphile based on a tetracationic cyclobis(paraquat-p-phenylene) and an azobenzene-containing guest in water.
    L. Shao, B. Hua, J. Yang, G. Yu,*
  • 42. Pillar[10]arene-based host-guest complexation promoted self-assembly: from nanoparticles to uniform giant vesicles
    J. Yang,* L. Shao, G. Yu,*
  • 41. Pillar[7]arene-based host−guest complex in water: dual-responsiveness and application in controllable self-assembly.
    L. Shao, B. Hua, J. Yang, G. Yu,*
  • 40. A cationic water-soluble biphen[3]arene: synthesis, host–guest complexation and fabrication of a supra-amphiphile.
    J. Zhou, J. Yang, Z. Zhang, G. Yu,*
  • 39. AIE opens new applications in super-resolution imaging.
    J. Zhou, G. Yu,* F. Huang,*
  • 38. Fluorescence indicator displacement detection based on pillar[5]arene-assisted dye deprotonation.
    B. Hua, L. Shao, G. Yu, F. Huang,*
  • 37. Host–guest complexes of carboxylated-pillar[n]arenes with drugs.
    N Wheate, K Dickson, R Kim, A Nematollahi, R Macquart, V Kayser, G Yu, W Church, D Marsh
  • 36. Synthesis of biocompatible polymeric nanomaterial dually loaded with paclitaxel and nitric oxide for anti-MDR cancer therapy
    J Fan, J Song, Y Liu, G Yu, Y Ma, Y Deng, N He*, F Zhang*
  • 35. A Dual-Thermo Responsive Gemini-Type Supra-Amphiphilic Macromolecular [3]Pseudorotaxane Constructed from a Water-Soluble Pillar[10]arene and a Paraquat-Containing Homopolymer.
    X. Chi, G. Yu, L. Shao, J. Chen, F. Huang,*
  • 34. Supramolecular Amphiphiles Based on Host–Guest Molecular Recognition Motifs.
    G. Yu, K. Jie, F. Huang,*
  • 33. A Pillararene-Based Ternary Drug Delivery System with Photo-Controlled Anticancer Drug Release.
    G. Yu, W. Yu, Z. Mao, C. Gao, F. Huang,*
  • 32. Pillar[10]arene-based size-selective host–guest complexation and its application in tuning the LCST behavior of a thermoresponsive polymer.
    G. Yu,* J. Zhou, X. Chi,
  • 31. Hydrophobic interactions in the pillar[5]arene-based host–guest complexation and their application in the inhibition of acetylcholine hydrolysis
    B. Hua, J Zhou, G. Yu,*
  • 30. A dual-responsive supra-amphiphile based on a water-soluble pillar[7]arene and a naphthalene diimide-containing guest.
    L. Shao, J. Zhou, B. Hua, G. Yu,*
  • 29. A water-soluble biphen[3]arene: synthesis, host–guest complexation, and application in controllable self-assembly and controlled release.
    J. Zhou, G. Yu, L. Shao, B. Hua, F. Huang,*
  • 28. Redox-Responsive Amphiphilic Macromolecular [2]Pseudorotaxane Constructed from a Water-Soluble Pillar[5]arene and a Paraquat-Containing Homopolymer.
    X. Chi, G. Yu, X. Ji, Y. Li, G. Tang, F. Huang,*
  • 27. An enzyme-responsive supra-amphiphile constructed by pillar[5]arene/acetylcholine molecular recognition.
    G. Yu,* J. Yang, D. Xia, Y. Yao,
  • 26. Proton Transfer in Host–Guest Complexation Between A Difunctional Pillar[5]arene and Alkyldiamines.
    G. Yu,* B. Hua, C. Han,
  • 25. Supramolecular enhancement of aggregation-induced emission and its application in cancer cell imaging.
    G. Yu, G. Tang, F. Huang,*
  • 24. Proton transfer-assisted host–guest complexation between a difunctional pillar[5]arene and amine-based guests.
    B. Hua, G. Yu,*
  • 23. Construction of a pillar[5]arene-based linear supramolecular polymer and a photo-responsive supramolecular network.
    J. Yang, Z. Li, Y. Zhou, G. Yu,*
  • 22. Photo-responsive self-assembly based on a water-soluble pillar[6]arene and an azobenzene-containing amphiphile in water..
    D. Xia, G. Yu, J. Li, F. Huang,*
  • 21. Synthesis of a water-soluble pillar[9]arene and its pH-responsive binding to paraquat.
    Z. Li, J. Yang, G. Yu, F. Huang,*
  • 20. Pillar[6]arene-Based Photo-responsive Supra-amphiphile and Its Application in Dispersion of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes in Water.
    J. Yang, G. Yu, D. Xia, F. Huang,*
  • 19. A Water-Soluble Pillar[7]arene: Synthesis, pH-Controlled Complexation with Paraquat, and Application in Constructing Supramolecular Vesicles.
    Z. Li, J. Yang, G. Yu, J. He, Z. Abliz, F. Huang,*
  • 18. A water-soluble pillar[10]arene: synthesis, pH-responsive host–guest complexation, and application in constructing a supra-amphiphile.
    J. Yang, X. Chi, Z. Li, G. Yu, J. He, Z. Abliz, N. Li, F. Huang,*
  • 17. A Sugar-Functionalized Amphiphilic Pillar[5]arene: Synthesis, Self-Assembly in Water, and Application in Bacterial Cell Agglutination.
    G. Yu, Y. Ma, C. Han, Y. Yao, G. Tang, Z. Mao, C. Gao, F. Huang,*
  • 16. Carbon Nanotube/Biocompatible Bola-amphiphile Supramolecular Biohybrid Materials: Preparation and Their Application in Bacterial Cell Agglutination.
    G. Yu, J. Li, W. Yu, C. Han, Z. Mao, C. Gao, F. Huang,*
  • 15. Characterization of supramolecular gels.
    G. Yu, X. Yan, C. Han, F. Huang,*
  • 14. A supramolecular polymer formed by the combination of crown ether-based and charge-transfer molecular recognition.
    S. Dong, L. Gao, J. Chen, G. Yu, B. Zheng, F. Huang,*
  • 13. Synthesis of a Difunctionalized Pillar[6]arene and Its Complexation with an Ammonium Salt Coupled to a Weakly Coordinating Counteranion.
    C. Han, L. Gao, G. Yu, Z. Zhang, S. Dong, F. Huang,*
  • 12. Hierarchical Self-Assembly: Well-Defined Supramolecular Nanostructures and Metallohydrogels via Amphiphilic Discrete Organoplatinum(II) Metallacycles.
    X. Yan, S. Li, T. R. Cook, X. Ji, Y. Yao, J. B. Pollock, Y. Shi, G. Yu, J. Li, F. Huang,* P. J. Stang,*
  • 11. A pillar[5]arene-based anion responsive supramolecular polymer.
    C. Han, B. Xia, J. Chen, G. Yu, Z. Zhang, S. Dong, B. Hu, Y. Yu, M. Xue,*
  • 1. Formation of a Cyclic Dimer Containing Two Mirror Image Monomers in the Solid State Controlled by van der Waals Forces.
    Z. Zhang, G. Yu, C. Han, J. Liu, X. Ding, Y. Yu, F. Huang,*
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